Hemophobia natural cures

Hemophobia Definition

Hemophobia is the fear of blood, which is extreme and irrational.

Hemophobia Diagnosis

Patients are interviewed regarding the intensity of their fear in relation to certain circumstances. They are also asked whether their reactions have disrupted their normal life.

Hemophobia Treatment

Hemophobic patients may be treated using psychological interventions or medical devices such as pacemakers. Behavioral techniques are also applied to mitigate a patient's fainting reaction such as gradual exposure to blood. Patients who fainted when exposed to blood have low blood pressure. When this happens, tension is applied to the muscles to increase blood pressure.

Hemophobia Symptoms and Signs

Most persons afflicted with Hemophobia faint when they see or are exposed to blood.

Hemophobia Causes
Persons afflicted with Hemophobia had traumatic experiences with blood during childhood or adolescence. Other studies note that Hemophobia is genetically acquired.

Hemophobia by state

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