Hemophilia A natural cures

Hemophilia A Definition

Hemophilia A, the most common type of hemophilia, is a blood clotting disease. A mutation of the Factor VIII gene causes the condition and is a largely inherited disorder.

Hemophilia A Diagnosis

Coagulation testing of partial thromboplastin time (PTT) testing as well as bleeding time. An examination of family history and genetic testing may also be conducted.

Hemophilia A Treatment

Treatment with an intravenous recombinant Factor VIII is usually prescribed to patients of hemophilia A, however the supplementation may vary from patient to patient. Post trauma and surgery, additional concentrations are also given. Portable intravenous support is available for children. Some cases may require doses of vasopressin.

Hemophilia A Symptoms and Signs

Hemophilia A may be mild, moderate or severe. Symptoms of those with mild hemophilia include easy bleeding after surgery/injury or tooth extraction, and symptoms may not occur until the patient reaches adulthood. Symptoms of moderate hemophilia A include easy bleeding after injury, or sudden bleeding without any cause, conditions called "spontaneous bleeding episodes". Severe hemophilia A is presented by spontaneous bleeding episodes, usually in muscles and joints. Other common sites of bleeding are the brain and digestive tract.

Hemophilia A Causes
Mutations in the Factor VIII gene cause the disorder, and it is an inherited disease.

Hemophilia A by state

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