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Hemophilia Definition

Hemophilia is a hereditary blood disease main characterized by the inability of the blood to clot. This disorder may lead to excessive bleeding even when caused by minor injuries. Hemophilia has two types: the most common Hemophilia A, which is found in almost 80 percent of the patients, and Hemophilia B, also known as Christmas disease.

Hemophilia Diagnosis

Patients with hemophilia are diagnosed via blood test and genetic counseling.

Hemophilia Treatment

The best treatment prescribed to hemophiliacs is by prevention. Blood replacement is needed every time bleeding occurs. Genetic engineering has also proven to be an effective way to help treat hemophilia.

Hemophilia Symptoms and Signs

People with hemophilia usually display paleness, easy bruising, and eventual weakness. The disease is present only among males, since the affected X chromosome is carried by the mother.

Hemophilia Causes
Hemophilia is caused by the missing factors that help the blood coagulate. In hemophilia A, the factor XIII is absent, while factor IX is the one missing in hemophilia B. Hemophilia is an autosomal recessive disease.

Hemophilia by state

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