Hemimegalencephaly natural cures

Hemimegalencephaly Definition

Hemimegalencephaly otherwise known as unilateral megancephaly is a medical condition that is characterized by the enlargement or abnormal growth of one-half of the brain.

Hemimegalencephaly Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes cross-sectional imaging, CT Scan and MR imaging are used to diagnose the medical condition (Barkovich AJ, Chuang SH. Unilateral megalencephaly: correlation of MR imaging and pathologic characteristics. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol 1990; 11:523-531).

Hemimegalencephaly Treatment

The most common used to treat the medical condition is the surgery of the affected side of the brain. This is usually done to control seizures.

Hemimegalencephaly Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of Hemimegalencephaly include delay in the development, convulsive disorders, brain cortex and spinal cord dysfunction and seizures.

Hemimegalencephaly Causes
It is usually hereditary. The enlargement of the one side of the braid causes imbalance and seizure and later on retardation.

Hemimegalencephaly by state

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