Hemihypertrophy natural cures

Hemihypertrophy Definition

Hemihypertrophy, properly referred to as hemihyperplasia, is the enlargement of one side of the body.

Hemihypertrophy Diagnosis

The disease is diagnosed by X-rays, ultrasound examinations and clinical examinations. Genetic counseling can also be performed to detect the onset of the disease.

Hemihypertrophy Treatment

Treatment of the disorder depends on the symptoms experienced by the patient. To prevent scoliosis, some wear braces or corrective shows. Plastic surgery is sometimes recommended to correct facial deformities.

Hemihypertrophy Symptoms and Signs

Hemihypertrophy is characterized by the asymmetric growth of the skull, face, trunk, limbs and digits.

Hemihypertrophy Causes
Hemihypertrophy is usually an idiopathic condition. Some cases meanwhile are linked with certain malformation problems.

Hemihypertrophy by state

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