Hemangioma natural cures

Hemangioma Definition

Hemangioma is a commonly occurring type of vascular anomaly, or a birthmark. They appear as abnormal lumps composed of blood vessels. The condition is a benign tumor that may either appear at birth or present itself later on in life and may be located anywhere in the body. In some cases, they occur internally.

Hemangioma Diagnosis

Hepatic angiograms or special imaging studies are used to conclude a diagnosis of hemangioma.

Hemangioma Treatment

In majority of the cases, treatment is not needed as they will disappear at some point in the individual's life. However, in some cases, they may interfere with an individual's breathing or eyesight, as well as complicated cosmetic surgery. In these cases, corticosteroid therapy is given. If corticosteroids do not work, alternative drugs are vincristine or interferon. If these fail as well, surgery is another option.

Hemangioma Symptoms and Signs

During the early stages, hemangiomas look like bluish red areas, and at other times they are reddish pink. They can take on any shape or size. Eighty percent of hemangiomas occur on the face or neck.

Hemangioma Causes
The causes of hemangioma are unknown, however it is suggested that estrogen plays a significant role in its occurrence.

Hemangioma by state

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