Heavy Metal Poisoning natural cures

Heavy Metal Poisoning Definition

Heavy metal poisoning is poisoning through ingestion of heavy metals such as common transition metal such as copper, lead and zinc. These metals are a cause of environmental pollution (A Dictionary of Chemistry. Oxford University Press, 2000. Oxford Reference Online.Oxford University Press).

Heavy Metal Poisoning Diagnosis

It may be diagnosed through blood and urine tests, hair and tissue analysis and x-rays. Examination also of medical history of the patient is done.

Heavy Metal Poisoning Treatment

Treatment includes inducing vomiting in case of newly ingested metals like mercury, arsenic and thalium. Chelation theraphy is also used to screen the poison ingested.

Heavy Metal Poisoning Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms vary depending on the nature and quality of the heavy metal that were intake. Generally, symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, headache, sweating and metallic state of the mouth are exhibited. Impairment also of cognitive, motor and language skills are shown.

Heavy Metal Poisoning Causes
The cause is the ingestion of metals such as copper, lead and zinc

Heavy Metal Poisoning by state

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