Heart situs Anomaly natural cures

Heart situs Anomaly Definition

Heart situs anomaly otherwise known as Dextrocardia, is a condition where in the heart is located in the right side of the thorax whereby the apex is pointing to the right. It is characterized by the reversal of the normal position of the heart.

Heart situs Anomaly Diagnosis

It is shown through the use of electrocardiogram (Solis-Cohen, S., Eshner A.A. 1900, Essential Diagnosis, p.125).

Heart situs Anomaly Treatment

The most advisable and common treatment to the heart situs anomaly is through surgical treatment.

Heart situs Anomaly Symptoms and Signs

Most commonly, people with this kind of medical condition have a weak heart and usually get tired easily depending on the adoption of the person.

Heart situs Anomaly Causes
It is inherited or transmitted through autosomal recessive genes.

Heart situs Anomaly by state

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