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Headache, cluster Definition

Cluster headache is a neurological disease characterized by extreme pain. The cyclical pattern of the pain, occurring in periods with spontaneous remissions, gives the disease its name. The "clusters" of frequent attacks can last anywhere from a few weeks to months. During remission periods, the headaches completely stop, although patterns differ from person to person. Remission periods can occur from months to a year. The condition can afflict anyone although it is more common in men and adults aged 20-40 years old. Attacks are classified into episodic or chronic. Episodic attacks are characterized by a higher frequency with longer remissions. Chronic attacks are characterized by frequent headaches that can last up to years.

Headache, cluster Treatment

There is no cure for this type of headache, but medication can be given is focused on decreasing the severity of pain, as well as shortening the period of bouts. Acute treatments may also be prescribed, these may include oxygen, sumatripan, dihydroergotamine, octreotide, and local anesthetics. Surgery may be prescribed to sufferers of chronic cluster headaches.

Headache, cluster Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of a common attack last for about 15 minutes and can last for 3 hours. Headaches are severe, of piercing quality. The headaches are usually unilateral, although in some cases there is side-shifting, but in rare cases the headaches are bilateral. The pain is described as excruciating and burning. Other symptoms include drooping eyelids, tearing, red-eye, runny nose, sweating, and facial blushing. Sufferers also are typically restless, as they tend to move about frequently to soothe themselves of the pain. Sufferers also tend to avoid loud noise and bright light during periods of attack.

Headache, cluster Causes

Cluster headaches, like other types of headaches, are not caused by a medical condition but rather occur due spontaneously.

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