Hay-Wells Syndrome natural cures

Hay-Wells Syndrome Definition

Hay-Wells syndrome otherwise known as ankyloblepharon-ectodermal dysplacia clefting syndrome is one of the type of ectodermal dysplasia (Index of Rare Diseases. National Organization for Rare Disorders. 20 Mar 2008). It thus affect tissues that arise from ectoderm especially that of the skin, hair and nails.

Hay-Wells Syndrome Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes evaluation of the symptoms.

Hay-Wells Syndrome Treatment

Treatment of the syndrome varies inasmuch as it focuses on the symptoms present. Surgery, for example, can be done to correct cleft palate and cleft lip. Speech therapy may also be necessary as well as genetic counseling for individuals and family affected by the syndrome.

Hay-Wells Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes sparse, coarse, wiry hair, small and sparse eyelashes, excessive band of fibrous tissue that causes fusing of the margins of the upper and lower eyelids, cleft palate and cleft lip.

Hay-Wells Syndrome Causes
Hay-Wells syndrome is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait.

Hay-Wells Syndrome by state

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