Harpaxophobia natural cures

Harpaxophobia Definition

Harpaxophobia is the morbid fear of being robbed (Corsini, R., 1999. The Dictionary of Pschology, p.435).

Harpaxophobia Diagnosis

Examination of medical history and unfounded fear as well as the assessment of reactions are used to confirm the presence or absence of the sickness.s

Harpaxophobia Treatment

Treatments include the administration of anti-depresants, administration of beta blockers are also used to relieved symptoms of stress and tensions. Behavioral therapy and other psychotherapy are also used to reduce the symptoms.

Harpaxophobia Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms include the unfounded and irrational fear of being robbed. Stress, anxiety, sweating and general tensions are often displayed.

Harpaxophobia Causes
Past experience and emotional trauma may be some of the causes of Harpaxophobia.

Harpaxophobia by state

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