Gymnophobia natural cures

Gymnophobia Definition

Gymnophobia is an abnormal, unfounded and persistent fear of nudity (Corsini, R., 2002, The Dictionary of Psychology, p. 722)`

Gymnophobia Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes physical manifestation of anxiety and fear when confronted to the idea of seeing other people naked.

Gymnophobia Treatment

As in other kind of phobias, treatment includes therapy, whether group of individual counseling, activities that slowly deviates the fear and anxiety suffered by the patient, and to some extent, administration of mild medications.

Gymnophobia Symptoms and Signs

Its Symptoms include display of undue anxiety, fear and worries which in reality is rather unfounded and irrational on seeing other people naked or being naked.

Gymnophobia Causes
The phobia may be from anxiety from fear that their bodies are physically inferior or from the fear that the nakedness leaves their bodies and their personality exposed and unprotected. Emotional trauma is also linked to be a cause of gymnophobia.

Gymnophobia by state

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