Gum Cancer natural cures

Gum Cancer Definition

Gum cancer is any abnormal growth that develops in the gum tissues. It is also called gingival cancer.

Gum Cancer Diagnosis

Diagnostic tests include facial X-rays and intravenous blood serum testing.

Gum Cancer Treatment

Gum cancers can be treated with medications, depending on what caused the cancers to form. Among these medications are mouthwashes, avoidance of gum irritants as well as proper diet.

Gum Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of gum cancer are small, tender growths that form in the gum tissue. These growths soon eat up the gum tissues resulting to deformities in the oral cavity. Other symptoms are gum swelling and pain, difficulties in eating, chewing and swallowing, and gum sores.

Gum Cancer Causes
Gum cancers can be formed due to allergic reactions and other previous diseases that occurred in the gums. Among these diseases is herpes stomatitis. Viral diseases can also bring forth gum cancer development.

Gum Cancer by state

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