Guillan-Barre syndrome natural cures

Guillan-Barre syndrome Definition

Guillan-Barre syndrome (GBS) is a disorder affecting the body's immune system, causing it to attack part of the peripheral nervous system. GBS is autoimmune and acute in nature. GBS has many forms, although its most common form is acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (AIDP).

Guillan-Barre syndrome Diagnosis

To conclude a diagnosis for GBS, an individual must exhibit areflexia, rapid movement of muscle paralysis, and absence of fever. A CSF exam that shows elevated protein levels also confirm GBS. Electrodiagnostics procedures may also be conducted.

Guillan-Barre syndrome Treatment

Treatments are focused on management of the syndrome and lessening the severity. There are no curative treatments for GBS. High doses of immunoglobin and plasma exchange are common and effective forms of treatment.

Guillan-Barre syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms include weakness in their legs of varying levels, sometimes accompanied by tingling sensations; legs that tend to buckle, "rubbery legs". The symptoms will continue as the disease progresses, sometimes in hours or in days. Later on, the facial and arm muscles may be affected, as well as the lower cranial nerves and respiratory system. Hospitalization is common for patients of GBS.

Guillan-Barre syndrome Causes
There is no exact cause for GBS; the condition can strike anybody at anytime. Both men and women are equally at risk; however it is very rare.

Guillan-Barre syndrome by state

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