Great vessels transposition natural cures

Great vessels transposition Definition

Great vessels transposition is a general term referring to a group of congenital heart defects wherein the arrangement of any primary blood vessels are abnormal. The primary blood vessels affected could be any of the following: aorta, pulmonary veins, inferior or superior vena cava.

Great vessels transposition Diagnosis

A stethoscope examination may pickup heart murmurs. Other tests may be conducted to confirm the diagnosis, including an ECG, chest x-ray, echocardiogram, and cardiac catheterization.

Great vessels transposition Treatment

Intravenous taking of prostaglandin is given for treatment as it maintains the connection between the systematic and pulmonary circulations. Surgery is also another form of treatment as it helps the adjusting of vessels temporarily. A surgical technique, called the arterial switch procedure, provides a permanent correction during the patient's first month of life.

Great vessels transposition Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of great vessels transposition includes poor feeding, shortness of breath, clubbing of toes or fingers, and blue skin. The symptoms usually appear at birth, or not long after. The symptoms also vary according to the kind of associated defect and amount of oxygenated blood supplied to the circulation.

Great vessels transposition Causes
The cause of many congenital heart defects remain unknown. However, certain prenatal factors contribute to a higher incidence, including maternal alcoholism, maternal rubella, other viral illnesses experienced during pregnancy, pregnant women over 40, poor prenatal nutrition, and diabetes.

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