Gonadal Dysgenesis, XX Type natural cures

Gonadal Dysgenesis, XX Type Definition

XX Gonadal Dysgenesis is a type of female hypogonadism wherein no functional ovaries are present to induce puberty unlike those of normal girls whose karyotype is bound to be 46,XX.

Gonadal Dysgenesis, XX Type Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes examination of sex characteristics of the patient, checking of the karyotype and imaging of the pelvis and evaluation of delayed puberty.

Gonadal Dysgenesis, XX Type Treatment

Estrogen and Progesteron therapy are usually advised to be undertaken by the person with this medical condition. Embryo transfer also is suggested to those want to conceive children but their gonads cannot produced eggs due to the XX gonadal dysgenesis.

Gonadal Dysgenesis, XX Type Symptoms and Signs

Includes hypoestrogenic or low estrogen level because of the nonfunctional streak ovaries; high level of FSH and LH.

Gonadal Dysgenesis, XX Type Causes
The cause of the medical condition is not clear but it is normally linked to the mutation in the follicle stimulating hormone receptor that is commonly inherited.

Gonadal Dysgenesis, XX Type by state

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