Gonadal Dysgenesis Turner Type natural cures

Gonadal Dysgenesis Turner Type Definition

Turner type Gonodal Dysgenesis, otherwise known as Turner Syndrome or Ullrich syndrome, is a condition wherein the monosomy of X chromosome is the most ommon, making the female sexual characteristics though present are generally underdeveloped. It is said to occur in about one out of every 2500 female birth (National Institutes of Health (2004). Clinical Features of Turner syndrome).

Gonadal Dysgenesis Turner Type Diagnosis

It may be diagnosed b amnicentesis during pregnancy, genetic counseling and blood testing called karyotype which analyzes the chromosomal composition of the individual.

Gonadal Dysgenesis Turner Type Treatment

Treatment includes administration of growth hormone with low dose of androgen and estrogen replacement therapy

Gonadal Dysgenesis Turner Type Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms include short stature, lymphoedema or swelling of the hands and feet, broad chest and widely-spaced nipples, low hairline, sterility and rudimentary ovalied gonadal streak. It may also include a small lower jaw and cubitus valgus or turned-out elbows.

Gonadal Dysgenesis Turner Type Causes
There is no known cause for the medical condition but it is mostly attributed to genetic predisposition.

Gonadal Dysgenesis Turner Type by state

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