Glycosuria natural cures

Glycosuria Definition

Glycosuria otherwise known as glucosuria is an osmotic diuresis due to excretion of too much glucose by the kidneys.

Glycosuria Diagnosis

Its diagnosis includes examination of family history and laboratory tests that may require blood and glucose in urine examinations.

Glycosuria Treatment

Treatment includes eating well balanced diet that is well advised and monitored by a dietician, regular excercise, monitoring blood sugar levels and taking insulin.

Glycosuria Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes dry mouth that is not related to thirst, polyuria, sudden weight loss, fatigue and tendency to get tired to simple activities, pruritus vulvae or itching in women diagnosed with the condition and balanitis in the men's organ, phimosis, myopia or short sightedness and nausea and vomiting.

Glycosuria Causes
Glycosuria is said to be caused by untreated diabetes mellitus (Provan, D., and Provan A. 2005. Oxford Handbook of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation, p. 172)

Glycosuria by state

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