Glue Ear natural cures

Glue Ear Definition

Glue ear is a medical condition where the middle ear is filled up with glue-like fluid rather than air. Because of this blockage hearing difficulties are experienced.

Glue Ear Diagnosis

There are not serious diagnostic tests required for glue ear.

Glue Ear Treatment

The common treatment for the condition is by blowing up a rubber balloon. The air used to inflate the balloon reaches the ear's passages causing the linings to widen. The vacuum is then released and normal hearing is restored. The condition resolves on its own after a few hours.

Glue Ear Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of glue ear are hearing difficulties, greenish fluid found in the inner ear, and pain inside the ear.

Glue Ear Causes
The cause of the condition is due to a slight malfunction in the Eustachian tube. When the tube becomes narrow, the balance of air and fluid may be disrupted, resulting to a vacuum in the middle ear. This causes the pain and hearing difficulties.

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