Glossitis natural cures

Glossitis Definition

Glossits is an inflammation of the tongue. It makes the tongue swell and change in color. The disease responds well to treatment, however it can cause severe discomfort when left untreated.

Glossitis Diagnosis

Glossitis doesn't have to undergo serious laboratory tests rather than checking for the cause of the disease.

Glossitis Treatment

The purpose of the treatment is to reduce the inflammation. Good oral hygiene is necessary. Topical creams are applied to treat the inflammation; antibiotics and antifungal medications are also given depending on the cause of the disease. Vitamin B supplements are also prescribed to patients who suffer from the disease because of the said deficiency.

Glossitis Symptoms and Signs

The signs and symptoms of glossits include tongue swelling, a smooth appearance of the tongue, differences in color, sore tongue and difficulty in swallowing.

Glossitis Causes
The inflammation is caused by bacterial and viral infections. Poor oral hygiene may cause the swelling, as well as deficiency of B vitamins. Tongue piercings and allergic reactions also contribute to the disease.

Glossitis by state

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