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Gingivitis Definition

Gingivitis, also known as inflammation of the gums, is a group of diseases that affect the gingival, or the gums. Its most common term, inflammation of the gums, is called so due to the occurrence when plaque or bacterial biofilms stick to the surfaces of the tooth.

Gingivitis Diagnosis

Dentists can diagnose gingivitis by examining symptoms as well as the amount of plaque in the mouth.

Gingivitis Treatment

Brushing or flossing alone cannot remove the plaque that causes gingivitis, professional help must be sought. Dentists treat gingivitis by thoroughly cleansing the mouth area especially gums and teeth, and the patient must continue to practice oral hygiene after treatment. Oral hygiene can help prevent gingivitis from occurring again, provided the patient brushes, and flosses regularly. Anti-bacterial mouthwashes also help.

Gingivitis Symptoms and Signs

Early stages of gum disease are rarely painful, which is why some people have them yet are not aware of it. The symptoms of gingivitis are soft, swollen gums, gums that have frequently bleed especially after flossing or brushing, mouth sores, itchy gums, receding gumline, and color change in the gums from pink to red.

Gingivitis Causes
Plaque is the primary cause for gingivitis; it is a sticky yet invisible film that forms in the areas between the teeth and gums. The plaque results when the sugars and starches in food combine with the normal mouth bacteria. The bacteria in the plaque contain microscopic toxins and foreign chemicals, causing the inflammation in the gum areas around teeth. If plaque stays on teeth for two days or more, they solidify and turn into tartar.

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