Giardiasis natural cures

Giardiasis Definition

Giardiasis is a condition wherein the flagellate protozoan Giardia lamblia resides in the digestive tract of both animals and humans. This condition also is the most common cause for gastroenteritis.

Giardiasis Diagnosis

The most effective and popular method of diagnosing giardiasis is through stool microscopy. Another method is the entero-test, which makes use of a gel capsule attached to a thread. Recently, a very effective method called the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, or ELISA, was found have a 90% accuracy rate in detection.

Giardiasis Treatment

A variety of drugs are used to treat giardiasis in adults, if treatment is necessary, because in some instances a person's body may be strong enough to fight the infection. Common medical treatments include quinacrine, metronidazole, and albendazole. In children, nitazoxanide are used.

Giardiasis Symptoms and Signs

After around 1 or 2 weeks of infection, the symptoms begin to show. Among the symptoms of giardiasis are fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, watery stool, upset stomach, bloating, stomach cramps, flatulence, sulphurous burping, and in rare cases, projectile vomiting.

Giardiasis Causes
Giardiasis is caused by contamination, when the organism transfers from fecal matter of an animal and makes it way to food or water. Travelers frequenting wildlife areas, particularly, possess high risk as well as those who are frequently in day care facilities. Cattle, horse, dogs, beavers, and cats are primary hosts for the organism.

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