Giant Cell Arteritis natural cures

Giant Cell Arteritis Definition

Giant cell arteritis which is also called temporal arteritis is a disease the affects the blood vessels commonly the large and medium arteries in the head by inflammation. The name temporal artiritis come from the most involved vessel, which is the temporal artery. The giant cell arteritis was given because it reflects the type of inflammatory cell that is involved which can be seen on the biopsy.

Giant Cell Arteritis Diagnosis

A person who is suspected with this kind of disease needs to have a physical exam, laboratory tests and biopsy.

Giant Cell Arteritis Treatment

As soon as symptoms starts showing up; a patient must start taking corticosteroids even before diagnosis has been confirmed by the biopsy. Steroids do not cure the diagnosis. Changes cause by the steroids will be observed in the first week of treatment and becomes more difficult to identify after two months.

Giant Cell Arteritis Symptoms and Signs

Females are the most affected with giant cell arteritis those men. It starts at the age of about 70 years old and it is very rare for people who are less than 50 years old. The patients will experience fever, headaches, scalp tenderness and sensitivity, pain in the jaw when chewing, blurred vision and sudden blindness. If vision has disappeared in both of the eyes, a medical emergency is needed.

Giant Cell Arteritis by state

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