Gender Identity Disorder natural cures

Gender Identity Disorder Definition

Gender identity disorder is a mental illness in which a person shifts from his/her physiological gender identity to that of the opposite sex.

Gender Identity Disorder Diagnosis

Gender identity disorder can be diagnosed via careful monitoring of one's behaviors, as well as detecting chemical and hormonal imbalances by the use of medical procedures.

Gender Identity Disorder Treatment

There is no specific treatment for the illness. Patients meanwhile may undergo consistent therapy and counseling. Family support is also a must during treatment.

Gender Identity Disorder Symptoms and Signs

Most patients with gender identity disorder live normal lives, apart from a series of recurring episodes wherein they behave like they are of the opposite sex. Thus they change gender roles, engage in homosexual activities, or experience confusion or even depression about their gender identity.

Gender Identity Disorder Causes
Gender identity disorder is a mental illness caused by variety of reasons: one's genetic makeup may have led to produce imbalanced androgen/testosterone hormones that affect the brain functions, or he/she could have suffered an accident which affected the brain. Others meanwhile are a result of drug abuse.

Gender Identity Disorder by state

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