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Geleophysic Dwarfism Definition

Geleophysic dwarfism is known by other names, the more popular one being Acromicric dysplasia. This disease that results in a combination of bodily deformities is an extremely rare disorder that is hereditary and inheritable in nature.

Geleophysic Dwarfism Causes

Geleophysic dwarfism manifests through the appeareance of abnormally limbs-people with Geleophysic dwarfism usually have short hands and feet. Moreover, delayed maturation of the bones and growth retardation further reinforce the creation of the shortness of stature of a person with Geleophysic dwarfism. Usually, these physical structural deformities are further accompanied by mild facial abnormalities. While inheritance from non-sex determining genes or autosomal dominant inheritance of the disorder has not been ruled out, the majority of cases of Geleophysic dwarfism appear to have occurred randomly. Should Geleophysic dwarfism be autosomal dominant-inherited, this means that the presence of even only one gene may cause a child to suffer from the disorder. Nonetheless, its appearance is usually sporadic in a given generation, and do not imply other primary causes that may point to a particular cause and predictability. Aside from Geleophysic dysplasia, disease databases register Acromicric dysplasia and Focal mucopolysaccharidosis as being other names for the disease.

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