Gastric Lymphoma natural cures

Gastric Lymphoma Definition

Primary gastric lymphoma is a rare condition whereby a lymphoma originates from the stomach. This condition accounts for less than 15% of gastric conditions, and only 2% of all lymphomas. However, because of the fact that the stomach is an extremely usual site for lymphomas that originate in other organs that are in metastasis to the stomach, the stomach is one of the most likely sources of the growth of lymphomas in other areas in the gastrointestinal tract. With metastasis, the organ from where the lymphoma originates is not adjacent to the stomach, but nonetheless the disease is spread by travel in the bloodstream (lymphoma is a cancer originating from a type of white blood cells or lymphocytes).

Gastric Lymphoma Diagnosis

Lymphomas are differentiated from gastric adenocarcinoma by lesions, which are ulcers characterized by thick, ragged, mucosal pattern on radiographs. The diagnosis for Gastric lymphoma is made during endoscopy through a biopsy. Endoscopic findings will likely yield the discovery of thick gastric folds, solitary ulcers, or mass lesions. Biopsies will require the use of larger forceps and endoscopic ultrasound-guided biopsy in order to help obtain tissues. CT scans are useful in determining at what stage the disease is in.

Gastric Lymphoma Symptoms and Signs

Gastric lymphoma usually manifests among the elderly, with symptoms including pain within the upper abdominal area (or the epigastrium), fatigue, weight loss, and early satiety.

Gastric Lymphoma by state

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