Funnel Chest natural cures

Funnel Chest Definition

Funnel chest is a congenital deformity wherein several ribs grow in such a way that they produce a sunken appearance of the chest. This abnormal development usually begins during puberty.

Funnel Chest Diagnosis

The condition can be diagnosed by CT scan, pulmonary function tests and ECG.

Funnel Chest Treatment

A funnel chest can be treated by surgery not only to correct the displaced ribs but also to ensure that there are no further defects that would involve the heart and lungs.

Funnel Chest Symptoms and Signs

The main feature of this condition is the sternum's hollow, sunken appearance. The heart is also found to be dislocated and mitral valve relapse may occur.

Funnel Chest Causes
The causes for this condition can be due to a genetic defect, the onset of Marfan' syndrome, and rickets.

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