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Fructose Intolerance Definition

Fructose intolerance is also known as fructose poisoning which is a condition that can be inherited. This disorder is marked by a liver enzymes deficiencies specifically those responsible to metabolize fructose. Another name for the disorder is hereditary fructosemia.

Fructose Intolerance Diagnosis

Fructose can be diagnosed through a number of evaluative tools. An enzymatic assay can be done in order to check for the aldolase activity; a fructose tolerance test can be performed where the patient is injected intravenously with fructose and the levels of his or her fructose, glucose and phosphate are monitored. A non-invasive DNA testing can be done but negative results are not conclusive as well as a hydrogen breath test.

Fructose Intolerance Treatment

Treatment includes a change of diet. Fructose and sucrose has to be eliminated from the diet so that symptoms and the underlying disorder will not occur. If a fructose and sucrose restricted diet is adhered by the individual, he or she will have a good prognosis.

Fructose Intolerance Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms for the disorder appear when fructose is ingested by the individual. Symptoms include hypoglycemia, vomiting, hemorrhage, jaundice, hyperuricemia, hepatomegaly, and later on kidney failure will soon develop.

Fructose Intolerance Causes
The liver enzyme deficient in fructose intolerance is aldolase-B which is responsible for converting fructose-1-phospate to glyceraldehydes and DHAP. When there is a deficiency in aldolase-B fructose cannot be metabolized any further and therefore traps phosphates. If phosphates are not released, thus stunting the process of forming glucose and causing hypoglycemia in the individual.

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