Foix-Alajouanine syndrome natural cures

Foix-Alajouanine syndrome Definition

Foix-Alajouanine syndrome is a spinal cord disease (a rare type). Foix-Alajouanine syndrome is a disorder caused by an arteriovenous malformation of the spinal cord. This often results to painful paralysis and muscle tone loss. It commonly afflicts people ages 20 to 40 years. If not promptly and properly treated, death may result within one to two years.

Foix-Alajouanine syndrome Diagnosis

Pathological examinations can reveal nerve cell conditions in the spinal cord. Abnormal dilation of vessels situated on the spinal cord's surface can be detected as well. Selective spinal MRI and spinal angiography are other means to properly diagnose Foix-Alajouanine syndrome.

Foix-Alajouanine syndrome Treatment

Surgical procedures can treat this condition and post procedure medications. Otherwise, corticosteroids may be advised.

Foix-Alajouanine syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of Foix-Alajouanine syndrome may be a presence of one or more symptoms related with spinal cord involvements. Symptoms may be paralysis of legs and arms, leg spasms, lower back pains. Loss of sensation may also be observed, muscle wasting, weakness, and numbness. Other symptoms are fecal incontinence, and/or urinary incontinence.

Foix-Alajouanine syndrome Causes
This rare disease is caused by blood vessel malformations. The blood vessels affected are responsible for supplying the spinal cord. Because of problems and insufficiency in blood flow to one's spinal cord, muscle problems occur.

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