Filariasis natural cures

Filariasis Definition

Filariasis (Philariasis) is a type of an infectious and parasitic disease that is generallycaused by 3 thread-like parasitic filarial worms known as nematode worms, Brugia malayi, Wuchereria bancrofti and Brugia timori, all of which can be transmitted by mosquitoes

Filariasis Diagnosis

The best way to identify the filariasis bacteria is through thick blood film, which should be drawn at night. PCR assays are also widely available to help in the diagnosis.

Filariasis Treatment

Medications should be administered right after the infection. Patients are usually given Florocid injections to help effectively combat infection. This medical condition is treatable provided it is not on its severe stage. Amputation may also be considered an option.

Filariasis Symptoms and Signs

Among the most unusual symptoms of filariasis is the abnormal thickening of the underlying tissues and the skin, the condition which has earn the name elephantiasis. This is mainly caused by the growth of the parasites that are lodged in the lymphatic system. This condition usually affects the patient's lower extremities.

Filariasis Causes
The main cause of filariasis is the mosquito that is a carries of filarial bacteria. Bacteria are transmitted through mosquito bite and victim will usually fell no signs and symptoms until the bacteria have started to develop and abnormal swelling is already noticeable.

Filariasis by state

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