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Fibroma Definition

Fibroma is mainly a benign tumor which is made of fibrous connective tissues. This is a disease that is seen to be common among children and youngsters. This is found to occur to any part of the body. Generally, it can be categorized into Hard Fibroma or Soft Fibroma. Fibroma types include myxofibroma, pleomorphic fibroma, desmoplasmic fibroma, cemento-ossifying fibroma, cystic fibroma, ossifying fibroma, nonossifying fibroma and many more.

Fibroma Diagnosis

A pathological examination may be needed for this disease. Some of the types of fibroma though are easily detectable - as the case for dermatofibroma.

Fibroma Treatment

Benign fibromas can be left alone or can be removed depending upon one's preference. It is ideal to get the opinion of your physician. One's doctor should also check the fibroma and determine whether it will be necessary to remove the fibroma or not. If one should decide to remove this, it will only be an outpatient procedure.

Fibroma Symptoms and Signs

Some who have the disease will not be able to notice any symptoms. Depending on the type of fibroma one may have, the symptoms may differ. For dermatofibroma - as an example - it will be seen as small rubbery bumps under one's skin.

Fibroma Causes
There has been no specific causes linked to fibroma.

Fibroma by state

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