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Fever Definition

Also known as pyrexia is a symptom of disease that describes that there is an internal termporary increase in the body core temperature which is above the regular body's thermoregulatory set point usually about 1 - 2 0C.

Fever Diagnosis

Diagnosing the cause of fever should include other associated symptoms and physical exam. additional tests is sometimes needed to confirm a diagnosis.

Fever Treatment

Treating a fever is not generally necessarily. Having fever is an indication that there is something wrong with our body and it can be used as a gauge of effectiveness of treating the underlying cause of fever. Antipyretics such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen are used to lower than the body temperature.

Fever Symptoms and Signs

Signs and symptoms of fever depend on what's causing it. Some symptoms include slight dehydration, sweating, shivering, headache, loss of appetite, and muscle pain. Hallucinations, convulsions, confusion and irritability may present if fever is higher enough between 103 - 106OF. Fever can also induce seizures which also called febrile seizures which is a very alarming and often triggered by a fever from a common childhood illness.

Fever Causes
There are many medical conditions that may present the symptoms of fever. These includes infections; inflammations; immunological diseases; tissue destruction occurring during hemolysis, surgery, infarction, cerebral hemorrhage; directly caused by the drug like lamictal, progesterone; cancers.

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