Female Pseudo Turner Syndrome natural cures

Female Pseudo Turner Syndrome Definition

Female Pseudo-Turner Syndrome, also known as Noonan syndrome, is a rare hereditary disorder that is usually detected once the patient is born.

Female Pseudo Turner Syndrome Diagnosis

The disease can be diagnosed based on the symptoms shown by the patient as well as genetic counseling.

Female Pseudo Turner Syndrome Treatment

There is no treatment available for the disease.

Female Pseudo Turner Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

The disease features several characteristics, including craniofacial abnormalities, curvature of the spine, a dislocated breastbone, cardiac defects such as pulmonary valvular stenosis, and lymphatic problems.

Female Pseudo Turner Syndrome Causes
The disease is an autosomal dominant disorder with mutations that occurred in genes PTPN11, SOS1, RAF1 and KRAS.

Female Pseudo Turner Syndrome by state

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