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Fainting Definition

Vasovagal syncope is the most common type of fainting. There are a number of different syncope syndromes; all which falling under the umbrella of vasovagal syncope. The central mechanism leading to loss of consciousness is the common element among these conditions. The only difference among them is the triggering factors.

Fainting Diagnosis

Among the tests that can diagnose Vasovagal syncope are tilt table test, implantation of an insertable loop recorder, using a Holter monitor, echocardiogram, and electrophysiology study.

Fainting Treatment

Treatment is focused on avoidance of triggers, restoring blood flow to the brain during an impending episode, and interrupting or preventing the pathophysiologic mechanisms.

Fainting Symptoms and Signs

Those affected with Vasovagal syncope typically have recurrent episodes especially when exposed to a specific trigger. The primary episode often happens when the person is a teenager, and then recurs in clusters throughout his or her life. The person frequently experiences a prodome of symptoms such as lightheadedness, nausea, sweating, ringing in the ears, and visual disturbances before losing consciousness. The symptoms usually last for a few seconds before passing out.

Fainting Causes
Any type of fainting may be caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure, side effects os certain medications, hyperventilation, drug or alcohol use, and low blood sugar.

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