Eyelid Cysts natural cures

Eyelid Cysts Definition

Eyelid cysts, or chalazia, are growths inside the eyelid caused by the swelling of the meibomian gland. These cysts are usually painless but they sometimes grow big enough to obstruct one's vision.

Eyelid Cysts Diagnosis

Eyelid cysts are diagnosed based on the given symptoms.

Eyelid Cysts Treatment

Treatment can be done by applying a warm compress to soften the hardened oil deposits. Topical antibiotics are also available, but for severe cases, surgical excision is required. Eye cysts do resolve after a few weeks.

Eyelid Cysts Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of eyelid cysts include swelling, tenderness of the eyelid, increased lachrymal function and sensitivity to light exposure.

Eyelid Cysts Causes
Eyelid cysts are caused by the formation of blocked fibers and oils in the eyelid. The exact causes on the formation of cysts remain unknown.

Eyelid Cysts by state

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