Eye Cancers natural cures

Eye Cancers Definition

Eye cancers are malignant growths in the eyes. They are commonly associated with other cancers such as breast and lung cancers. They begin to grow as benign cysts or malignant rhabdomyosarcoma. When not treated, these cancers can caused permanent blindness or even death.

Eye Cancers Diagnosis

Eye cancers can be determined via ophthalmological tests and other ocular laboratory examinations.

Eye Cancers Treatment

The main forms of treatment for eye cancers are laser therapy, plaque therapy and radiotherapy. Other surgical procedures are done to remove eye contents in order to eliminating the tumors.

Eye Cancers Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of eye cancers include melanomas during the early stages of development. This will soon be followed by blurred vision, double vision and eventual blindness. Freckles also develop in the eye, but they are mostly benign.

Eye Cancers Causes
Eye cancers are an effect of other cancers existing in the human body. Serious cancers such as breast cancer, liver cancer and prostate cancer usually cause eye cancers. There are other malignancies however, that originate from the eyes.

Eye Cancers by state

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