Extrophy of the Bladder natural cures

Extrophy of the Bladder Definition

Extrophy of the Bladder or to use the more appropriate medical term, exstrophy-epispadias complex, which is an extremely rare congenital abnormality. This medical condition involves a number of anomalies affecting the bladder, abdominal walls, external genetalia and anterior bone pelvis.

Extrophy of the Bladder Diagnosis

Bladder exstrophy is primarily diagnosed usually after birth through ultrasound, It is best to have a prenatal diagnosis to be able to make the necessary preparations for the baby such as scheduling the labor, pre-operative evaluations and surgery and well as preparations for supplementary care.

Extrophy of the Bladder Treatment

Treatment for bladder extrophy involves a rather complex surgical repair of bladder through a staged procedure. This includes closure of the abdominal and posterior walls, bladder neck reconstruction, and urethral closure.

Extrophy of the Bladder Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms for bladder extrophy includes exposure of the posterior bladder walls, separated pubic rami, wide set ischial bones, ureteral reflux, opening in abdominal wall and dilated ureters.

Extrophy of the Bladder Causes
The underlying cause of extrophy of the bladder is still unknown. However, among the most popular theory has suggested that it is mainly a result of the overdevelopment of the cloacal membrane. This is the temporary membrane that provides the pathway during the normal development of the fetus.

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