Extradural Hematoma natural cures

Extradural Hematoma Definition

Extradural, or epidural hematoma, is the clotting of blood between the brain's dura mater and the skull. This condition can be fatal due to the pressure brought about by the buildup of blood which compresses the brain tissue.

Extradural Hematoma Diagnosis

The presence of extradural hematoma can be confirmed through CT scans and MRI.

Extradural Hematoma Treatment

The main treatment for extradural hematoma is by surgically removing the mass that causes pressure on the brain. The treatment is the same with other kinds of hematomas. Neurosurgical treatment also required to decompress the hematoma and stop the bleeding.

Extradural Hematoma Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms of extradural hematoma are frequent migraine, sudden cerebral pains.

Extradural Hematoma Causes
Extradural hematoma is caused by traumatic hemorrhage in the brain. Venous epidural bleeds occur due to the friction among brain tissues of different densities. A person who experiences a blow in one side of the head can most likely suffer from extradural hematoma.

Extradural Hematoma by state

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