Exostoses, multiple natural cures

Exostoses, multiple Definition

Hereditary multiple exostoses (HME) is also called Multiple exostosis it is a disorder in which multiple bone growth in the bony area.

Exostoses, multiple Diagnosis

It is identify through head to toe assessment and x-ray imaging. Bone biopsy is done to confirm malignancy

Exostoses, multiple Treatment

HME is currently has no cure. But there are palliative treatment for the patient so that they can perform their ADL like Surgery of the bone, to prevent disalignment. Physical therapy and pain management to minimize the pain agony of the patient.

Exostoses, multiple Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms that may experience to the patient is the same with exostosis, there is pain in the abnormal part of the bony area.

Exostoses, multiple Causes
From the word itself it is cause by genetic mutation of a person, bone tumor also cause the disease.

Exostoses, multiple by state

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