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Esotropia Definition

Esotropia is a form of squint or strabismus. In this condition, one or both of the eyes are turned inwards. Esotropia can be present constantly or may occur in an intermittent manner. It can usually give a cross-eyed appearance of the affected person. Esotropia is also sometimes wrongly called as lazy eye.

Esotropia Diagnosis

Diagnosis of Esotropia is done by an examination of the patient's eye.

Esotropia Treatment

Prognosis for each specific esotrope depends mostly on the origin and the classification of the esotropic condition they are suffering from. But generally, management of the disorder take certain steps or courses like (1) Identifying and treating any underlying condition, (2) Prescription of the use of any glasses is required and also allowing patient's some time to become comfortable with them. (3) The use of occlusion in treating amblyopia, and (4) the very appropriate, orthoptic exercises that can be used in an attempt to restore binocularity.

Esotropia Symptoms and Signs

People with Esotropia will manifest different symptoms of having the condition since there are different type of esotropia like the right, left or alternating type, concomitant type, incomitant type, or the primary, secondary or consecutive types.

Esotropia Causes
Esotropia is often attributed to a certain defect in the eye muscles making the different fixation of the patient's eye.

Esotropia by state

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