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Erythromelalgia Definition

Erythromelalgia is also popularly known as Mitchell's disease. Other terms associated with Erythromelalgia are red neuralgia, or erythermalgia. This is a rather rare disorder characterized by the blood vessels located usually in the legs of the lower extremeties are blocked and becomes inflamed. The blocking then entails a severe pain and skin redness. Oftentimes, the attacks of Erythromelalgia comes in a periodic pattern and are mostly triggered by too much heat, drinking alcohol, or exertion. It can also occur as a primary or can be a secondary disorder. Oftentimes, econdary erythromelalgia could result from minute fiber peripheral neuropathy cause by any factors, poisoning from the mushroom or mercury, hypercholesterolemia, and some autoimmune disorders.

Erythromelalgia Diagnosis

Erythromelalgia is most of the time a secondary illness for other disorders that must be determined. Some most common disorder associated with Erythromelalgia are Myeloproliferative disease, Hypercholesterolemia, Autoimmune disorder, Small fiber peripheral neuropathy, Fabry's disease, Mercury poisoning, Mushroom poisoning, Sciatica and some medications like verapamil, bromocriptine, ticlopidine, and pergolide.

Erythromelalgia Treatment

The best method of treatment for primary erythromelalgia is by avoiding the known factors that triggers attacks like alcohol consumption, heat, and over-exertion. A cool environment is helpful for the patient in guarding against common symptoms.

Erythromelalgia Symptoms and Signs

Erythromelalgia is most prominently manifested by episodes of erythema, inflamation, and a very painful burning sensation especially in the extremities. These symptoms usually are symmetric and usually affect the legs or the lower extremities. Symptoms may likewise affect the patient's face and ears. Attacks are typically preceded by the real primary condition of the patient. Attacks in primary erythromelalgia could last from short minutes to very long hours and also occur not very often to multiple times in a day. Common triggers for attacks are heating of the affected area, exertion, and consumption of alcohol or caffeine. In some cases, patients consumption of sugar and sometimes even melon, also is believed to have provoke attacks.

Erythromelalgia Causes
In the case of a primary erythromelalgia, the condition is caused by an abnormal mutation of SCN9A or the voltage-gated sodium channel a-subunit gene.

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