Erythroderma natural cures

Erythroderma Definition

Erythroderma It is also known as erythrodermatitis, generalized exfoliative dermatitis, and also called as red man syndrome. It is refer to as a generalized skin disorder that is caused by different types of skin diseases like psoriasis, and some skin allergies.

Erythroderma Diagnosis

Erythroderma is treated depending on the cause of the disease after skin biopsy. But commonly it is treated through corcosteriod medication or anti inflammatory, also treared by using UV light therapy also called phototherapy, Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can also help treat the disorder. Prevention of the specific cause can also prevent the disorder.

Erythroderma Treatment

It is diagnosed initially through skin biopsy, through skin biopsy it identify the main cause of the skin disorder. A blood smear examination and a patch testing ( if the eruption can be cleared) also help identify the skin disorder.

Erythroderma Symptoms and Signs

This skin disorder is manifested by diffuse redness, scaly skin or skin peeling, warm and thickened rash that could be affected the whole body or some are just part of the patient's body.

Erythroderma Causes
The Erythroderma is idiopathic cause or unknown cause but many physician said that it is caused by several skin diseases, such as psoriasis, contact dermatitis, and cutaneous lymphoma. Some medication can also caused erythroderma.

Erythroderma by state

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