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Epilepsy Definition

Epilepsy is a very common chronic neurological condition characterized by a recurrent seizure which is usally.The unprovoked seizures are transient signs or symptoms brought about by synchronous, abnormal, or excessive activities of the neurons in the patient's brain.There are about 50 million people around the world who suffer epilepsy at an any given time. Not all of epilepsy syndrome cases occur in a lifetime. Some forms of this disorder are only confined to some certain stages of childhood. Epilepsy, however, should not be considered or interpreted as a single disorder, rather occur as a group of syndromes with widely divergent symptoms which are all involving an episodic, abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

Epilepsy Diagnosis

Epilepsy diagnosis usually requires that the patient is already having recurrent and unprovoked seizures. Diagnosis, accordingly, is usually based on the patient's medical history. an EEG, PET, doing a brain MRI, SPECT,and magnetoencephalography. These methods may be very useful to determine etiology for the epilepsy, also discover what region of the brain is affected, or one can classify the epileptic syndrome that the patient is suffering from. These studies, however, cannot help make initial diagnosis.

Epilepsy Treatment

Epilepsy is commonly controlled through a designed medication. This cannot however cure the disorder. Surgery may also be considered in most of the difficult cases.

Epilepsy Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms occur as a form of frequent seizures which will get as strong as to have the patient out balanced or fall to the ground.

Epilepsy Causes
In most of the cases reported, there is not a known direct cause. However in some very rare cases, the most frequent causes are stroke and/or brain tumor, head trauma usually from automobile accidents, wounds from gunshot, a severe sports accidents, falls and blows. Severe injuries often cause more severe cases which entails a greater risk of having eilepsy. Lead poisoning, and some substance abuse can be some of the cause like alcohol, severe case infection like meningitis, encephalitis that are viral in nature, lupus erythematosus, very rarely includes diphtheria, mumps, measles and others. Systemic illness, Injury and infection that may have affected the brain developing of the baby during pregnancy.

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