Epididymitis natural cures

Epididymitis Definition

Epididymitis is a condition wherin the epididymis swell or becomes inflamed. This medical condition may entail mild to extremely pain. Adminsitration of antibiotics may also be needed to control infection. Epididymis is structure located along the posterior area of the testis. It is coiled and tubular in appearance. It is the structure that allows for the transport, storage, and maturation of the sperm cells and also connecting the efferent ducts to the vas deferens. Swelling of the epididymis can either be acute or chronic and is commonly caused by infection.

Epididymitis Diagnosis

Diagnosis of epididymitis can be difficult because it may be hard to distinguish one from the other. There can be case where both conditions occur simultaneously. Tests administered include test for testicular cancer, varicocele or check for a cyst growing within the epididymis. An overall physical examination and ultrasound is also done.

Epididymitis Treatment

Patients experiencing pain in the testicle or scrotum require immediate evaluation to identify and also treat the potential cases of any testicular torsion quickly. PTreatments include antibiotic therapy, analgesicsto control the pain, supportive care including scrotal support and elevation, ice pack application, and blocking of the spermatic cord.

Epididymitis Symptoms and Signs

Treatments for Epididymitis include the administration of antibiotics like Doxycycline, scrotum elevation, regular application of cold compresses to the scrotum. In severe cases, hospitalisation is an option including check-ups to make sure the infection has been treated. A procedure called as a cord block is usually done when all traditional methods are not effective. Using this treatment, the pain is usually controlled for 2-3 months but only in ideal conditions or a patient may decide whether to have the whole epididymis removed taking with it the pain.

Epididymitis Causes
Epididymitis condition is most commonly triggered by a secondary bacterial infection brought about by various underlying conditions. Infections of the urinary tract or UTI are often the most common cause of this condition. It can also be brought about by STDs, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Other causes is surgery of genito-urinary area also including kidney and bladder problems, prostatectomy, or urinary catheterization.

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