Epidermoid Cysts natural cures

Epidermoid Cysts Definition

Often painless and slow-growing small bumps that develop just beneath the skin on the neck, face, trunk and sometimes in the genital area are called epidermoid cysts. These cysts don't usually cause problems or need treatment unless they become a cosmetic concern, or become infected or they rupture where they can just be removed surgically.

Epidermoid Cysts Diagnosis

Doctors can diagnose an epidermoid cyst through its appearance alone in most cases, though it may be referred to a dermatologist for treatment.

Epidermoid Cysts Treatment

Cosmetic and functional problems that are not caused by cysts are usually left alone, but when ruptured, inflamed or infected, there are also existing treatment options. It can be through minimal excision where it removes the whole cyst wall but will cause minimal if there is scarring. Another would be through corticosteroid injections to help reduce the inflammation of the uninfected epidermoid cyst. Other treatments include total excision, incision and drainage and through lasers.

Epidermoid Cysts Symptoms and Signs

Occuring on nearly any part of the body, including the fingernails, these round epidermoid cysts are sacs generally moving freely ranging in size from a few millimeters to five centimeters where most of them are found on the neck, face and trunk.

Epidermoid Cysts Causes
The factors leading to the abnormal proliferation of the cells include heredity, developmental defect, a ruptured sebaceous glands that produce sebum (the oil that lubricates your skin and coats each hair shaft) and a damage to a hair follicle.

Epidermoid Cysts by state

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