Epicondylitis natural cures

Epicondylitis Definition

Epicondylitis (lateral) otherwise known as tennis elbow, is a very common problem encountered by physicians in the orthopedic practice. It is an injury due to the overuse of the part which involves the extensor or the supinator muscles originating on the lateral part of the epicondylar region of the distal humerus. It has been noted to occur in at least 50% of tennis athletes. But this condition is not only limited to the tennis players, it also has been reported to occur due to any overuse of the specific parts to many activities. Lateral epicondylitis is also very common in today's very active society.

Epicondylitis Diagnosis

A helpful test to check the condition is through the chair raise test. The patient is asked to stand behind their chair and lift the top of the chair back through their hands.

Epicondylitis Treatment

Most of the patients with Epicondylitis respond well to conservative measures and does not require any surgery. Patients who still do not show any signs of improvement until 6 months of conservative therapy including administration of corticosteroid injections are then subjected to surgery.

Epicondylitis Symptoms and Signs

Patients having the condition often complains pain of the lateral elbow and also the forearm especially when they move. Most patient of this condition are men or women belonging to the age group of 35 to 55 years who are either a recreational athlete or one who often engages in a rigorous daily activity or activities for that matter. Upon examination of the affected area, the patient reach a point of maximal tenderness located just 5 to 10 mm to the lateral epicondyle area. Extension or supination of the wrist against resistance with the extended elbow usually provoke the patient's symptoms.

Epicondylitis Causes
Epicondylitis is caused by an overuse of the specific muscle which will result to swell and swell.

Epicondylitis by state

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