Ependymoma natural cures

Ependymoma Definition

Ependymoma is a tumor that usually arises from the ependyma. Ependyma a tissue located in the central nervous system. Most of the time, the location of the tumor in children is in the intracranial, while the location of the tumor is in the spinal in the case of adults. The most common location of the intracranial ependymoma is in the fourth ventricle. It is only very rarely that ependymoma occurs in the pelvis or in the pelvic cavity. It is believed that Ependyomoma may have cause Syringomyelia. These tumors are also seen with Type 2 Neurofibromatosis.

Ependymoma Diagnosis

Ependyomoma is often diagnosed using imaging technologies like CT scan, MRI. Other laboratory exams and also tests are also being administered.

Ependymoma Treatment

Ependymoma, which are differentiated properly, is usually treated by a radiation therapy only. Although other ependymomas may require a total removal by means of a surgery. Yhose that are not or can't be removed totally are also require to undergo radiation therapies. Malignant tumor varieties or the malignant ependymoma and also the ependymoblastoma, are usually treated with treatments also applied to treat medulloblastoma but success is much less favorable. Malignant ependymomas may also be treated with any combination of therapies like radiation and chemotherapy. Ependymoblastomas that occur in children younger than 5 years old or even infants may have risks of spreading through the cerebrospinal fluid and is likely to require use of a radiation therapy.

Ependymoma Symptoms and Signs

Patients who suffer from this condition often manifest symptoms although they may differ from a person to another.It includes frequent headaches, seizures, frequent nausea and also vomiting, loss of balance or trouble walking.

Ependymoma Causes
There is no known cause to this disease as of this time.

Ependymoma by state

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