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Enuresis Definition

Also known as bed-wetting, nocturnal enuresis of nighttime incontinence is a developmental stage and is not a sign of toilet training gone bad. Primary enuresis is the term for children who have never been dry at night. Those who begin to wet the bed after at least six months of dry nights are considered to have secondary enuresis.

Enuresis Diagnosis

Doctors usually ask parents about the child's health history as well as the bed-wetting patterns. A physical exam will come next that may include urine tests. X-rays and other imaging studies of the kidneys or bladder may be required if the doctor suspects any anatomical abnormality.

Enuresis Treatment

Bed-wetting can be outgrown by most children, but for those who are having a difficult time, doctors may recommend a more aggressive treatment which include moisture alarms, medications, and alternative therapies. Moisture alarms are small, battery operated devices. A pad is attached to a child's pajamas or bedding and when the pad senses wetness, the alarm goes off in time to awaken the child. The moisture alarm is highly effective but may take two weeks before any response will be observed and 12 weeks before the child can enjoy dry nights. Medications meanwhile include desmopressin acetate, imipramine, which is an antidepressant, and anticholinergic drugs such as oxybutynin or hyoscyamine. It is most effective to use combination drugs but it still does not cure the problems since the bed-wetting will resume when the medication is stopped.

Enuresis Symptoms and Signs

Involuntary urination at night is the main characteristic of enuresis.

Enuresis Causes
Though the exact cause of bed-wetting is not really known, there are various factors cited that may play a role in the condition. Among those is a small bladder, inability to recognize a full bladder, hormone imbalance, stress, urinary tract infection, sleep apnea, diabetes, chronic constipation, and anatomical defect.

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