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Entropion Definition

Entropion is the term used to describe the inward folding of the eyelids. This is a discomforting condition since the eyelids will be rubbing against the cornea. This may lead to eye infections such as trachoma.

Entropion Diagnosis

Entropion is diagnosed via physical examination and other ocular tests to detect lesions and spasms in the affected eye.

Entropion Treatment

Treatment is done by the surgical removal of the skin that affects the eye.

Entropion Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms of entropion are pain and redness in the affected eye, sagging skin around the eye, abnormal sensitivity to light and dust, decreased vision and uncontrollable tearing.

Entropion Causes
The causes of entropion are genetic, and others are born with the disease.

Entropion by state

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