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Enlarged Liver Definition

Enlarged liver or Hepatomegaly is swelling of the liver beyond its normal size. An adult liver is about the size of a small football.

Enlarged Liver Diagnosis

A physical examination can usually detect most cases of enlarged liver. Doctors can estimate the size of the liver by feeling how far it extends below the rib cage. Diagnostic tests are done to help determine the cause, which include x-ray, ultrasound, computerized tomography, liver function tests, and liver biopsy.

Enlarged Liver Treatment

Treatment of hepatogemaly depends on what's causing the condition. It it's alcohol abuse, the immediate solution is to stop. In cases of liver cirrhosis though, which is irreversible, the treatment can only prevent further damage and reduce complications.

Enlarged Liver Symptoms and Signs

Hepatomegaly often does not have symptoms but in some cases, the following may be noted: tenderness if the liver enlarges quickly, abdominal pain or fullness, and jaundice.

Enlarged Liver Causes
An enlarged liver may be caused by many conditions such as alcohol abuse, nonalcoholic fatty live disease, hepatitis, heart failure, liver cancer, infections such as mononucleosis, excessive iron in the body, and blood disorders such as leukemia.

Enlarged Liver by state

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